I'm introducing an online Russian ruble winning page that pays instantly.
The profit gained by the site is from payeer transactions and from the rating / audience of many radio stations that can be listened live on this site.

Registration is simple (just enter the payeer P account ******** and the captcha code and that's it,
no email, no password or other personal data.
And when you get in the same account!
After that it will start generating fractions of rubles / second continuously (and if the PC is off)
In order to have a higher win you will have to add a certain amount in rubles (min 1rub --- 3000rubru maxim) from the payee processor. The investment is recuperating in a short time, just six days that can be withdrawn every day, after which everything that is generated is just your profit that you can withdraw!
At any amount you can see what profit will be monthly after that deposit.

And in your account you can see how much profit you will generate by the power you have:
For 60 minutes
For 24 hours
For 30 days
For 180 days
For 365 days
Payment on PAYEER is instantaneous Funds are credited immediately after you click on the payment button.
The minimum payment amount is 1 ruble, commission 0%
It can be withdrawn once a day!
After payment, the account balance is reset to zero and starts generating rubles again with the same power as before.

Site registration is from here
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